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A Yuletide Gift for Kids Who Love to Cook!
Tiny Kitchen 2017 Gift Certificates


Gift your child, favorite nieces or nephews or godchildren with a cooking treat they will truly look forward to: Tiny Kitchen Xmas Gift Certificates for Summer 2018! This is our way of thanking you for allowing us to share 20 years of the joys of cooking with you!

As a bonus, the rates get the same traditional Early Bird 10 % discount given to Tiny Kitchen enrollees every January except that the Tiny Kitchen Xmas GC's are based on the 2017 rates.
Tiny Kitchen courses consist of the Basic for 7 – 12 year olds, Teens for 13 – 19, Advanced and other courses for those who have completed the Basic and Tiny Kitchen 1 for 3 – 6 year olds. Each course consists of 5 sessions, and there are classes from Monday to Saturday, with 9 – 11 am sessions and 2 – 4 p m sessions. You will make your own schedule for the 5 sessions (for example, MWF pm or TTH am or once a week only) since the classes are completely individualized and kids have their own workspaces. Thus in a class the students are always doing different menus.

The 2017 fees for the Basic and Teens is P 8950, less 10% so the Tiny Kitchen Xmas GC price for this group is P 8055.

The 2016 fees for Advanced (old student rate) is P8450 so the Tiny Kitchen GC price for all old students is P 7600.

The Tiny Kitchen 1 2016 fee is P7950 so new students pay P 7155 and old students pay P 6700.

One Day Workshop GC's are also available at P 1800 less 10% to total P 1620 for 7 – 19 year olds and P 1350 for 3 – 6 year olds. As is tradition, kids that enroll in a group of 3 or more get an additional 5% off.

The GCs are limited and available only until they run out.

The summer classes run from March to June and scheduling the 5 sessions can be done any time prior to starting. Please give at least one week’s notice.

Please ask us to email you for the complete list of Advanced courses and choices for the One Day Workshops.

Tiny Kitchen keeps an open door for special kids.

You may enroll online by contacting tiny_planet@hotmail.com and have the GCs mailed to you or visit Tiny Kitchen Cooking School at 31 Scout Tobias QC. For inquiries call Teacher Vicky Veloso-Barrera at 4102279, 09175393940 or visit our FB page.