All classes are 100% hands on, meaning every student does everything from start to finish! It’s lots of fun for the kids.

Sessions are usually once a week but special arrangements can be made for children with more limited time, such as balikbayans or those traveling during part of the summer.

For 4 – 6 year olds: Tiny Kitchen 1
The Tiny Kitchen 1 course is composed of 5 sessions, with a main dish and dessert taught at each session.

For ages 7 and up: Basic
The Basic course is composed of 5 sessions, with a complete menu taught at each: a main dish, dessert, side dish and drink. All the basic cooking techniques are covered such as yeast doughs, pie crust and decorating with buttercream icing.

Available only for those who have completed the Basic course. The course is 5 sessions long and each menu focuses on a different country and basic cooking skills are reviewed and reinforced.

After completing the Basic and Advanced courses, children may enroll in any of the following in no particular order:

Around the World 1
This popular 5 session course introduces kids to new dishes from different parts of the world.

Around the World 2
Children enjoyed the Around the World course so much we had to come up with a sequel! I’m sure by next year there a new part!

Instead of complete menus, each of the 5 sessions focuses on one type of food, such as chocolate candy making or pasta sauces.

Just Desserts
Just as the name implies, those who love to bake and eat desserts will love the range of cakes, pies, cookies, candies, puddings and more in this 5 session course!

Pinoy Favorites
This is not about adobo and kare kare but fun Pinoy food such as fishballs, gourmet tuyô, suman and the most delicious buko pie ever!

But wait...there's more!

There are additional courses available. Please refer to the recent press release for more details.


Want to finally join in all the fun and learning that Tiny Kitchen has to offer? It's simple!

Just open and fill up the form in the Enroll page, print it, then fax it back to me.