[ my books ]
Hi there! Just like you, I became interested in cooking when I was very small. That’s because I used to watch my mom cook. I taught myself to cook using a Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls and I also read all my mom’s cookbooks. I even tried inventing some recipes of my own—I remember making a banana pie once that had no butter in the crust. I don’t know how it stuck together!

I liked cooking so much that when my cousins came to visit I would be in the kitchen preparing merienda instead of the garden where they were playing!

Aside from cooking, I have loved to read since I was really young. My dad set up a library for us kids filled with encyclopedias, children’s books and classic literature. I read the encyclopedias cover to cover (I especially loved anything about nature, and of things in nature I loved best anything to do with the shoreline like sea shells). I read all the best children’s stories like Grimms Fairy Tales and Hans Christian Andersen, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, 1001 Arabian Nights, Little Women, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book and so much more!

I even had a Biblical encyclopedia set for children that told the stories of the bible in a way that kids could understand it. That’s why now, aside from cooking classes I also write books for children. I have a number of new children’s storybooks coming out for Vibal Publishing’s Gintong Salakot series this year. I will also let you know when my series, The Adventures of Mousie, which is about a mouse who goes to the different provinces, is released by Cacho Publishing. I also write for magazines and newspapers on food and health, and my first textbook project for the Vibal Publishing English series Across Language with Borders will be out next year! And don’t forget my Tiny Kitchen and Not So Tiny Kitchen cookbooks, plus the four cookbooks I have for grown-ups.

So as you can see, writing, teaching and cooking are what I love best.

I am married to Roberto Barrera and have three kids, all of whom started cooking and reading at an early age! Joshua is now 7, Hannah is 5, and Justine is 2. All three began cooking when they were two years old because they grew up watching kids having cooking lessons at the house.

We have a pet rabbit named Brownie, lots of fish, two turtles, a hermit crab, and a there is also a bird that has built a nest in the vines growing over our garage. It’s fun to watch her sit on her eggs! I had a lot of rabbits when I was a kid and continue to love them even today. We used to have fifty plus rabbits at our old house in Pasay! All my students from the first year of Tiny Kitchen classes surely remember them. And if you look around the house, you’ll find tons of things shaped liked rabbits such as statues, doorstops, candles, picture frames, ceramics and so much more.